Ethics: Theory & Practice
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Corresponds to a one-semester course in applied ethics. Measures understanding of ethical knowledge as it applies to practical ethical situations. Application of knowledge about ethics is accomplished through the use of case studies and related sets of multiple-choice questions. Knowledge categories include basic theories and concepts such as utilitarianism, natural law theory, justice, duties and obligations, and rights; metaethics, covering topics such as subjectivism, objectivism, and naturalistic fallacy; and moral deliberation, covering topics such as moral sensitivity, status of moral judgments, and implications of moral concepts. Knowledge from these categories is then applied to practical ethical issues such as social and personal issues, bioethical and medical issues, professional and business issues, and environmental issues. Assumes a familiarity with the content generally taught in an introductory ethics course. (A course guide can be obtained from the Excelsior College Bookstore as part of the guided learning package. Multiple-choice examination.)


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