About MyEducationPath

This site helps you navigate in e-Learning sources and MOOCs. We try to systematize information about MOOC education. You can use this service to find MOOCs, online courses, share comments and reviews. Our mission is to help people to build a personal education path using free or cheap online courses as alternative to traditional higher education. We help to find free alternatives to expensive college/university courses.

The idea

We have an idea about how higher education will change in future.

We belive that in next 5 years higher education will be changed. MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses will force changes. Students will choose free or cheap online courses more and more. This will create a need in co-learning organization and practice training to make MOOC be full alternative to traditional college education. Also employers will require independent certification of students with new type education. And employers can easy affect on new higher education system as it is very dynamic. More about our prediction of the future of higher education.

Our mission

MyEducationPath.com offers the platform where all players of new higher education process can communicate and cooperate. We work on creating of the set of tools to help students, education providers and other services to find each other, share feedback, advertize etc.

We will have tools for Online Students, Online Education Providers, Certification Providers, Co-learning Service Providers, Practice Training and Internship Providers, Employers.

The place of MyEducationPath.com in the new higher education system